What is Shellac?

Updated: Nov 19, 2018

So which brand is the best and highest quality Shellac product on the market?

Well, the answer is quite simple; Shellac is not actually a product. Shellac is a brand developed by CND. All other products are just different ‘gel polishes’ which have tried to copy the success of the formula but they aren’t allowed to call themselves Shellac and the formula is very different.

CND ( Creative Nail Design inc) was founded in 1979, is based in Californian and is the global leader in professional nail, hand and foot beauty. They’re deeply committed to advancing the nail care industry and devote significant time and resources to product research and development, education and customer support (read more about their commitment and heritage here ).

That’s why I decided to do my training with CND; they’re simply the best in the business!

What does Shellac mean?

Shellac is a hybrid between traditional polish and gel polish. It’s thinner than traditional gels, which makes it feel much more natural on the nail. It doesn't lift, therefore giving much less temptation for us girls to pick. So this product is perfect for biters and pickers alike.

Unlike traditional gel polish there is no need to buff the natural nail therefore it causes no thinning or damage unlike other types of products.

CND Shellac is a porous product and its tiny tunnels reach all the way to the nail plate, this allows for a super-fast and easy removal. That meant less time getting bored, wrapped up in acetone bored watching the clock!

These tunnels also allow a really good quality oil like CND Solar oil to penetrate the product keeping it nice and flexible so that it won't get dry and crack. I always say think of it like biscuits and cookies. Dry brittle things like biscuits snap. Something more flexible like a soft cookie will flex. Personally I always prefer a squidgy cookie!

The Choice

There’s something for everyone in the Shellac range, with many different top coats to choose from depending on the health of your nails or how active your lifestyle. You can even opt for an on-trend art top coat like the amazing Matte topcoat which stays matte for the duration of your manicure.

My Current Fave

When it comes to the colours, well that changes all the time depending on the season. But my new favourite range has got to be CND Shellac Luxe; it’s the latest and fastest removal yet and with 65 shades to choose from, I’m always spoilt for choice. I will most definitely be recommending it to my clients.

My overall conclusion and from experience, is that you simply can’t go wrong with CND Shellac for the most amazing, long lasting product that truly cares for your natural nails.

See you soon for more nail tips, tricks and musings.


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