Nail Aftercare!

Updated: Apr 7, 2019

Sorry ladies, but you simply cannot have healthy, long, strong, beautiful nails without giving them a little TLC. Your diet can have an affect on your nails to a certain extent and you will notice that certain medications or lack of nutrients will cause some dryness, weakness, brittleness, ridging and, spoon nails (where the nails start to scoop like a spoon), but our nails, as like many things, are determined by genetics. We cannot improve on what we genetically inherited so most of us have to make an effort to keep them in tip top shape.

Unfortunately, my nails are inherently weak and bendy and when I don't eat well, am over tired or ill they will flake and get even weaker, chip and break. So I have to take even more care of them, especially as I am working with nail products everyday.

How do I keep my nails healthy?

I eat healthy and I drink lots of water and take supplements, like omega oils. I'm not here to tell you about nutrition though, because I'm not qualified in that! But I am qualified in nails, and nail aftercare.

So listen up...

Nails are keratin. The same as your hair. Do you condition your hair after shampooing? Then use a serum to combat frizz? A heat protector before drying and straightening? So I'm guessing that's probably a yes to at least one of those. So why don't you do the same for your nails? They want oil, a really good quality oil. The best oils to use are jojoba, avocado and almond. Natural fine oils will penetrate the top layer of the nail bed and any nail coating you're wearing. Man-made oils and hand creams will not do the job as the particles are just not fine enough to get through the nail. I always remind my clients; brittle things break like biscuits. So a strong, dry, brittle nail will simple snap. A well oiled, plasticised nail, will flex and won't snap.

So the first easy answer is to keep your nails healthy and flexible with solar oil (it's available in the salon). Apply it every day and your treatments will last longer and your nails will thank you.

I've tried oils and my nails are really damaged and peeling. What can I do?

If it's too late and your nails are already damaged and dry from lack of oil. Fear not, I have many, many things up my sleeve. Rescue RX will help put moisture and keratin back in your nails, it's packed full of all those wonderful oils like jojoba. IBX is a serious game changer and I think almost all my clients and myself are using this wonder product under CND Shellac to seal splits and protect against any damage. Read more about IBX here

Prevention is better than cure... Wear rubber gloves, dry your hands and nails throughly. Avoid drying products such as bleach or fairy liquid. If you're coming to me regularly you're investing time and money into the long term health and beauty of your nails. Please do look after your investment. You're worth it!

Your nails are jewels, don't treat them like tools

For a full aftercare document, you can download one from the site right here.


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