Shellac Aftercare Products

I have taked about the importance of aftercare in a previous blog. Very important You can read it here

So I thought it was time we delved into the different types of aftercare products, their uses and benefits.

Rescue RX: For naked nails we have the amazing rescue RX. This is a natural nail product that can only be used on bare nails. It is a daily use treatment and with the help of jojoba and sweet almond oil will deposit keratin into the nails. This will heal split, peeling and damaged nails. Also it smells amazing.

IBX: This is a 2 part in salon treatment. It is applied like polish then gently heated so that the oils can carry the keratin into the nails. The repair step will repair any visable nail damage and the protect step fuses together the top layers of the nail plates to ensure the nails remain strong under any product that is used after, for example CND shellac, PolyGel.

Most amazing repair treatment I've used

Solar Oil: The absolute queen of the aftercare, so much to say and so many benefits I might actually have to blog exclusively about this wonder product. It should be used with all nail products or on bare nails every day at least twice a day for full benefits. Infused with jojoba oil and vitamin E, repeated use of this oil drives the nutrients into the nail bed keeping them flexible

e. Flexible nails are much better than drink, hard brittle ones. Hard things like biscuits snap, softer things like cookies wil bend and not break. Thats my favorite way to remember it :)

Queen of all aftercare products

All treatments are available in salon


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