Save damaged nails!

Lets talk about IBX!!!

IBX repair, for split nails

This product is just incredible. Its is honestly the best treatment I have ever used for helping damaged nails. It repairs splits, white spot, peeling nails. Everything.

Jim and Linda Nordstrom are th co-creators of this wonder product. Having worked within the nail industry for years, they both realised that something needed to be created to help treat nail damage from within the nail. Traditional nail strentheners sit on top of the nails and offer protection. IBX penetrates the top layers of the nails and toughens from within.

There are 2 parts to this incredible in salon system. Repair offers an intense treatment for split and peeling nails. It works its way between the splits and holds them together kind of like velcro. This will give you a great starting block for the strengthening treatment.

Painted onto the nail like polish the strengthening treatment is then gently heated so that the oils can carry the product into the nails top layers. It fills all the nooks and crannies of the top layers of the nail. These are the cured in the LED lamp. Where the product seals and holds all the layers together creating a much tougher nail. The best part is it can be used under any other nail treatment so that you can ensure that your nails are strong and protected at all times. Repeated application drives the product into the nails. Leaving you with stronger, longer, healthier, beautiful nails.

Get incredible results like these

Followed with repeated home care of Solar oil you will have nails you never dreamed possible.

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