Updated: Jul 7, 2019

The rain has stopped sun has arrived. Who else was completly unprepared?

Hard cracked skin? Chipped polish? Me too. So lets talk feet and pedicures. Not everyones favorite subject I know. I'd say almost all of my clients apologise for their feet!! Trust me you really don't need to apologise. I love tranforming feet. There is nothing better than when clients foat off on their new soft feet with gorgeous shiny toe nails.

Sun's got me thinking of toes by the pool

During a 1.5 hour luxury pedicure session your feet will be pampered and polished to perfection with some of the most incredible products in our lovely relaxing canal side salon.

The best pedicure products

I offer 2 different pedicure ranges but the marine range is my favorite. Not only are the products pretty to look at. They smell amazing and they all treat your feet in their own special way.

Firstly we will tackle any hard skin or cracked heels with the cucumber heel therapy callus smoother. Trust me you want to smooth rather than remove. I will delve deeper into this in a future blog. The result are just incredible. This professional strength serum contains AHA's which soften the toughest of hard skin and calluses.

Followed by a beautiful salt scrub, not only does this give an amazing polish to remove any dead skin but it also contains sunflower seed oil and vitamin E to neutralize free radicals. I love how big the salt grains ae in this product so your feet feell well and truely polished.

How pretty do these products look

Then on to the Marine cooling masque. My gosh is this product incredible. Its like a facial for your feet. The sea minerals and botanicals hydrate dry feet, the spearmint neauralises, while the menthol calms any inflamation or irritation. All of these elements work together to leave your skin looking and feeling soft and smooth.

We are still not done because now after all the smoothing, scrubbing and soothing its time for you to sit back, relax with a tea or coffe, a magazine in hand while your feet soak in my Beverly hills pedicure bowl with the marine salt soak. This will soften the skin, keep reducing any inflamation and make sure your cutucles are all ready to be pushed back.

The amazing Beverly Hilld foot spa

After all that its time to choose a colour or finish. You can choose from Vinylux polish, shellac, glittrer or art, before a gentle foot massage to finish so you can float from the salon fully relaxed on your soft new feet.

If you are need to ultimate pampering and relaxation, or to tackle that dry skin while treating your feet click here to book now


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