November Nails

Updated: Nov 17, 2019

Welcome to November my lovelies!!!

What a horrible wet November we are having. Have no fear I am here to cheer you all up.

I done some amazing Halloween nail art this year. Here are my favourite three.

Only 1 month to go before red/gold glitter season starts. I am so excited about all the Christmas designs. But I promise that I won't start talking Christmas for a few more weeks.

So lets talk about November.

Well November is all about the reds. I honestly cannot believe how many different beautiful shades of red I have been seeing. From the deep dark's to the slightly brighter. Crimson Sash and Masquerade seem to remain firm favourites and very popular.

The other thing I am seeing with the change of weather is lots of dryness. Ladies this is not a great time to forget your after care. You need to be using lots and lots of solar oil and CND hand cream. Don't forget CND Shellac is porous and all the CND products are formulated to be used together for the optimum health of your nails. Please see previous blog posts regarding adtercare advise. Or even better get in touch so that we can discuss all of your nail needs.

If you want your nails, long, strong and beautiful for those Christmas parties then please do remember you need to do the aftercare. Nails will not stay beautiful by magic. They need as much care as your hair and skin.

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