Love Island Nails!!

So who watched this year? It has certainly been a hot topic in the salon with my clients!

Who was your winner? Were Amber and Greg deserved winners? I loved them. So pleased that they won. Did you see the reunion on Sunday?

Like me were you watching the girls nails like a hawk? I want to know who does their nails and how do I apply for that job next summer!?! LOL

So I wanted to have a quick look at the nails they chose and whether I have seen it translated onto my nail desk. I think the question my clients stuggle with the most is which colour should I choose. So I am here to help make that decision a bit easier for you. How do you get inspired when picking your nail colour and art? Should you stay neutral and match everything? Or do you throw caution into the wind and go wild with glitter and art an jewels???

So lets look at what this years contestants have had on their nails

I've spotted lots of wihte nails on all of the girls. Of course white looks amazing in summer and will highlight a beautiful tan. Then there has been Belle's red ombre nails. Lots of people have wondered if they are just really grown out but I think it an orange to nude ombre. Amber most recent has been bright neon green. I actually like then and have been seeing lots of green nails on other celebrities this week. As seen here in the Scratch magazine round up

So how have these trends translated on to my nail desk? Well I have seen a couple of whites, mainly with glitter on top like these two sets

Ombre is always popular and I have done few this week, they can be done with glitters or powders or an ombre stamp, the possibilities with nails are endless really

I have started to see a few greens come through also, sage scarf is a great way to wear green if you want to try it without feeling to daring and it looks really amazing with gold, as seen in the below image

Sage scarf with gold glitter is always a winner

Sugarcane is an utterly stunning pale yet at the same time bright gree, see image below to understand what I mean. On this set I have paired it with clearly oil slick foil and a glitter finger, both beautiful ways od adding some extra bling.

Beautiful sugarcane paired here with foil and glitter

Do you want to try green nails, or maybe white nails are yor go to for holidays? To discuss your holiday nail ideas call me on 07879065990 or

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