Is my nail tech educated and insured?

Updated: Apr 7, 2019

I just booked some more training!

I believe in keeping up to date with the best products and techniques for my clients and I always invest in training. So I am embarking on my third training and education of the year. By the end of 2018 I will finally be a Master Painter. Which is the highest achievable level of nail technician via the CND training programme. I shall be on to the master sculptor next year.

I just love the challenge of learning new stuff and then putting it to use in my nail bar.

CND offer the best nail tech training available.

Nail Bar Aspley - CND nail technician
I love my job!

Why is this so important to me?

I want to bring the best to my clients so they keep coming back to me. I am running a business after all! They're coming to me for a service and I believe in return, I should give them the best and highest standards. That's my commitment and thanks to them for choosing me.

Nail Bar Apsley - Nikki's certificates
Just some of my certificates

Why is this important for you?

What this means for you is that, if your nail tech is fully trained you'll get amazing nails AND nails that are cared for. Nails that are done by someone with a true passion and love for the skill of nail technology.

It also means they'll be fully insured for all the treatments that they're offering. They will know about nail care and health. They will know how to avoid infections and allergies. They will know how to keep everything hygienic. These are all the things that reassure you, that you're getting a trained professional.

The bottom line.

Someone who doesn't keep up their education will not be knowledgable enough to ensure that you're safe, well cared for and that your nails are getting the treatment and products they deserve. In my opinion, a good nail tech has a responsibility to their clients to spend the time, money and effort to stay up to date.

See you soon!



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