Ideas for festival nails!!

Updated: Jun 19, 2019

I loved writing last weeks blog on bridal nail ideas so much that I decided to take a look at festival nails!!

Oh my gosh are there lots of things you can do for beautiful festival ideas.

The joy of festivals is that anything goes. Its like a little mini holiday away from sensible life and the 9-5.

Soo lets wave bye bye to our sensible red and nude nails from every day life and say hello to glitter, unicorns, chrome and stamping :)

I couldn't actually decide on 5 specific designs as there are just too many beautiful designs. So I decided to talk about my top five favourite styles instead

1) The accent nail- The ever popular accent nail is a great way to add a little bling. If your new to art or still need your nails a little toned down for everyday, the accent nail is for you. I have chosen a selection of my favourite accent designs for you to get an idea. Accents can be created in many ways. You can simply chose one different coloured nail, or you can stamp like the beautiful coral set, add glitter, add an ombre. Or go really wild with a set of freehand like the unicorns. The possibilities are endless.

2) Glitter nails- Full on glitter is always a favourite of mine. You can chose from the beautiful colour changing iridescent glitters like these pink ones featured below or a full on holographic bling like these silver ones. Nice multicoloured glitters or a pink to purple glitter ombre like the ones pictured here. But please do not make me choose my favourite glitter. That's just to difficult lol

3) Foils- Foils are a quick and effective way to add a little extra to your nails. Slightly more subltle than glitter but no less of a beautiful impact. Many colours and combos are available. Foil looks amazing over brights like the orange or adding an impact to nude. You can even sandwich foils between layers of shellac for the unusual look that has been created here in the pink nails shwon here.

4) Stamping- Stamping nail art creates a lovely design for you to show off so you can really throw some shapes at those fesivals. Stamping can be paired with many other styles, like chrome, ombre, glitter or just left to shine on its own. No more explanation needed. I think they speak for themselves.

5) Chrome- Chrome nails have appeared on the nail scene over the last few years and wow do the create an impact. There are many types of chromes and colours available now. You can have rainbow or unicorn or just a nice bright chromed nail. As with the other techniques chrome can also be paired with stamping or used to ombre and the results are just stunning.

So those are my top five favorite techniques to create some fabulous festival nails this season and I didn't even get to talk about ombre!! Maybe that could be a whole extra blog lol

If you have any designs or styles you would like to see please drop me a comment or message. Do you have a festival coming up? Do you need amazing nails? Click here to book an appointment


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