Four things to look out for when choosing a nail tech!

Allergy prevention
Busy at work. Gloves on for protection!

Guys the health of your nails is so important. Your nails are there for protection, cuticle, eponychium, sidewalls. They are all there for protection. They stop infection and allergies and all kinds of nasties.

Now allergies are something that you need to be aware of. There are lots of chemicals involved in all the products used in a nail salon. Repeated over exposure to the skin of any chemical will start to cause contact dermatitis and/or allergies. So one of my jobs as a fully trained, qualified and insured nail tech is to protect your skin from these things.

Nails are dead so they are fine and free from the harm of chemicals. But you skin needs protection from these things. Anyway thats enough science. LOL. Lets delve into it.

So here are 5 things to look out for to ensure your safety in the salon

1) Is your tech qualified?

Ok you can't look out for this but do not be afraid to ask. Some techs display their certificates but I don't as I'd rather display my beautiful products for you. But I am more than happy to talk about my training and who I trained with and where. Even if someone trained at collage they need to also have training in the products they are using. So CND techs train with CND and Gelish techs train with Gelish etc. All systems are different so knowledge of each individual system is important.

2) Is your tech insured?

Again do not be afraid to ask. A fully insured nail tech will not be at all offended if you ask. But a good way of knowing if someone is insured is if they ask you to fill out a record card. This is a requirement for your insurance to be valid so it is a massive tell tale sign that if your not filling one out on your first appointment then your tech is not insured or covered by insurance. Believe me it is in your interest for your nail tech to be insured.

3) Is the whole system being used?

By this I mean if CND products are being used then a CND lamp, base coat, top coat everything should be used together. If Gelish products are used then all of the products including the Gelish lamp should be used. This is so, so important for allergy prevention. Skin tests are never performed on nails as the nails are dead. Allergies come from uncured product, product repeatedly touching the skin, over exposure to the sticky layer. All these things are prevented with a well trained nail tech.

4) Cleanliness

I must admit a lot of my desk is damaged by acetone because I am just so clumsy lol. But I cover it with a towel, I use clean couch roll for every client. I disinfect my tools between each use and I will never use a file on fingers that has been used on toes!! I keep everything clean and hygenic so I can to prevent cross contamination. I wear gloves to protect myself from contact dermatitis and allergies as I am using products all day every day. The added bous is that I am not spreading germs or anything between clients. I also use cool blue which is a gentle non drying hand sanitiser. If your coughing and sneezing you can expect me to use this on you a lot lol. It keeps me and all my other clients safe.

A full and matching system.

So those are just a few things for you to have a think about before you book that nail appointment just to keep yourself safe in the salon. Oh I didn't even mention cuticle care. I will cover that another day. But living tissue should never be cut!!! Nippers are for removing dead skin only. A fully trained nail tech will know how to use these correctly

If you have any concerns about your nails or allergies and would like more information please click here to book


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