Five summer nail art ideas for toes

Updated: Aug 14, 2019

Toes can look just as pretty as fingers and the posibility for art is just as vaste as on fingers, stamping, glitter, chromes are all still good options for toes. So here are some of my favorite toe art ideas for this summer.

1) One of my most popular request on toes is to have crystals along the cuticle line. This is simple and so effective and looks so pretty in the sunshine with the sun glitering off the crystals

2) Multi coloured is always a gorgeous statement for toes in summer. As always I added some beautiful glitter to these ones below.

3) You can also stamp on toes in this set pictured blow, we opted to ombre the colours that I stamped with. Giving this lovely summer, pretty look

4)You can of course add lots of glitter and ombre toes if you want. On this set we ombred the big toe with 3 colours, but little toes don't give much room for ombre and art so we matched it up by just using 2 of the 3 colours.

5 )Another set done with stamping here. These palm trees are so simple yet effective. I always love this wisteria haze for a perfect palm tree back drop.

So there you have it. Nail art is not just for fingers. So don't forget you can pretty up your toes this summer. Simply book a glitter toes appointment here and we can discuss your art at your appointment


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