Five holiday nail ideas to get you Sunshine ready

The sun is here and its making me look at beautiful bright colours and fabulous designs that are just perfect to wear on holiday.

Colours that look great against tanned skin and match all those beautiful holiday outfits tend to be corals of various shades. Or a nice pastel to really make that tan pop. White is also a great colour for holidays. Of course I can never resist adding a bit of glitter to them either.

You can't beat white with glitter

Here are a few of my favorite holiday nails

1) This palm tree design always makes me instantly want to be on holiday. It can be adapted to any colours but this purple wisteria haze really is the perfect holiday shade for holiday season

How dreamy does that palm tree look!!

2) This design really features everything, bling, ombre, stamping and holiday colours to die for, one of my favourites to help transport you straight to the beach.

Bling, sparkle, glitter, stamping, ombre!!Can I fit any more in one set!

3) Perfect nails to transport you straight to that beach bar or pool. These tequila sunrise inspired nails are just beautiful, with a tiny touch of sparkle so that they are really shimmering in the sunshine

Tequilla Sunrise anyone?

4) You can't beat coral for a gorgeous set of holiday nails and I think the gold ombre adds a beautiful touch

Perfect for sparkling next to the pool

5) This baby blue colour is perfect for showing off a great tan. Matched with the foil I think it really brings them to life for lounging around the pool all day before heading out in the evening

Love how foils look over this colour

If you want some beautiful holiday nails to look fabulous from beach to pool click here to book


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