Callus Removal For Pretty Soft Feet

Pretty feet are available to everyone

Not the most glamorous of subjects I know.

But I have an important message to share. We all want lovely soft, nice looking feet. Lets admit it hard skin can be painful as well as unsightly. So we all want it gone. But it is there for a reason. The skin becomes harder to protect you and your feet.

Bearing this in mind it is important to be careful with removal of hard skin and calluses. As a nail technician I am not qualified to use a blade to remove hard skin. This is a medical treatment and should be left in the hands of a chiropodist. I also don't like to use the cheese grater type smoothers as these leve the skin jagged, torn and messy. The effect of both the blade and the cheese grater is that not only is the dead hard skin removed but the soft new skin gets removed and as a defense the skin will become harder quicker.

Before and after using callus smoothing gel

So the best way to remove the hard skin is with callus smoothing gel. This professional strength solution softens just the hard skin allowing it to be smoothed away. This means that your skin will stay softer for longer. Over time I have noticed with this method that my clients calluses never return to the extent that they were when they first started having pedicures with me.

So please remember as a safety point that if a blade is being used you must check that the person using it is qulified to do so and insured

If you want to polish yor feet to beautiful perfection and gt rid of those calluses for good then please click here to book


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