Best Nail Care Product Ever!!

Following last weeks blog on aftercare products I decided that the little gem Solar Oil needed a bit more attention.

Best oil ever

I cannot sing the praises of this oil loud enough or long enough. But I will until everyone hears it lol.

As with all CND products, Solar Oil is backed by science. Because nails are part of the body so they need to be thought of in these terms to properly take care of them. Solar Oil contains jojoba oil, Vitamin E, and Sweet Almond oil.

Jojoba Oil, is a deeply penetrating natural oil that acts as a carrire oil for all the other ingredients. So the can nourish and care for your nail bed from the top layers.

Jojoba; an important carrier oil

Vitamin E is an antioxident that is known to neutralise free radicals associated with premature aging making it softening and nourishing. Perfect for beautiful skin and nails.

Sweet almond oil helps soften and nourish

Sweet Almond Oil softens and conditions. All these ingredients work together to keep your nails strong, nourished and flexible.

Repeated use drives the oil through any product, like shellac, Polygel or even just polish, and into the nail bed. This is why it is so important to use your oil everyday at least twice a day. Its such a light oil it penetrates fast and does not leave you feeling oily or greasy.

Remember you want nice flexible nails like cokies that will bend and not strong hard nails that are more likely to snap and break. This works the same with your shellac if it dries its more likely to crack. Not forgetting the added bonus that it will keep the skin surrounding your nails, soft and healthy too.

So use that oil ladies. It really does make a massive difference

Amazing advice from an industry expert


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