Beautiful Natural Nails

Updated: Jun 5, 2019

So onto another a amazing nail care product.

For fabulous natural nails

Rescue RX is another keratin based treatment. Unlike IBX this is an at home product which can be purchased from myself at the salon. It can also only be used on naked natural nails. So this is for clients who do not have products on their nails. I also like to use it on clients whos nails are so badly damaged they are unable to have products.

It contains jojoba oil, as usual this is the carrier oil and it carries the keratine deep into the top layers of the nail bed. It deposits the keratin where it is then builts up and keeps the nails strong and healthy.

It smells amazing and is going to heal weak damaged nails and bring them back to life. Once the Karatin proteins have been carried into the nail with the jojoba oil they then bond to the natural nail. Continued daily use of this product will reduce, white spots and peeling for a much healthier nicer looking natural nail.

The way I like to think of this product compared to Solar Oil is that solar oil is your normal hair conditioner and Rescue RX is your intense hair mask. Remember your nails, just like hair are keratin and they are dead. They do not need to breath. They just need lots and lots of nice natural oils. Remember these oils are fine enough to penetrate. Some manmade oils may not be fdine enough to make a diference. So do invest in a good quaity nail oil.

Are your nails weak, peeling and flakey? Do you want to make them beautiful again?

Reuscue RX is available to Purchase in the salon or for more information you can book an appointment here


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