5 footcare tips for summer, to keep you feet fresh and beautiful

Because it is summer and we are all wearing pretty flip flips I'm still on the subject of feet

Pretty Offbeat has been a freally popular colour this summer

Summer is really harsh on our feet. Either they are tapped in hot sweaty shoes, which is not good for them at all or they are being bashed about in flip flops which causes hard skin, calluses and bashed and broken toe nails.

So here are my top 5 tips to keep your toes fresh this summer

1) Smooth don't remove - One thing I know is super important is to smooth the hard skin rather than remove it. Your feet will stay softer for much longer. Avoid all grater style foot scrubbers as explained here in this previos blog post. My prefered method is on dry feet, with pumice as you will remove much more skin in this way

Before and after a smoothing treatrment

2) Use a really good cream that is specially designed for feet like CND's cucumer heel cream (available for retail in the salon) . It includes cucumber extract, chamomille and aloe. With regular daily use this will soften any hard dry skin.

3) Wash and dry your feet regularly and thorougly. This prevents bacteria and infection especially if your feet have been inside shoes all day. Use a product with menthol or tea tree as this will fight any bacteria and neutralise smell. Dry your feet thorougly, especially between your toes as this is where bacteria likes to live

My fabulous Bevery Hills pedicure spa

4) Be careful when cutting toe nails. Scissors are better than clippers as clippers wil bend and tear at the nail. You need to go straight across with a very slight 45 degree angle on the sides to try and prevent ingrown nails. Try not to cut to short as this exposes the bed under the toe which exposes you to infection.

5) Have regular pedicures to ensure your feet are well looked after and to take the hassle out of doing it yourself. Read my blog here to see what you will experience in one of my luxury pedicure treatments. Check out the full pedicure experience here

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