shellac nails in hemel, nail extensions in hemel, nail art in hemel, it's all at the nail bar apsley.

shellac nails in hemel, nail extensions in hemel, nail art in hemel, it's all at the nail bar apsley.


Your nails are jewels don’t treat them like tools...

You will absolutely love your nails while wearing your CND Shellac and I expect your nails to last at least 14 days, as long as you give them the proper aftercare and attention during that time. 


This means that you should protect your nails by wearing gloves whilst doing jobs like household cleaning, gardening and any hobbies that are rough on your hands, or when using any harsh chemical products. 


Doing these things without the protection of gloves can cause marking, chipping and lifting of your Shellac. 



If you do happen to experience any chipping or lifting please DO NOT pick or peel as this will cause damage to your natural nail. Please contact me straight away so that I can assess your nails and discuss repairs. Please note you can receive free repairs if your nails chip within the first 48 hours after application. All repairs after this time are chargeable. 



If you’re on holiday please be careful when using sun tan oils and insect repellents as many of these products contain solvent oils which cause major damage to Shellac. Ensure that you wash and thoroughly dry your hands after using these products. 



Some of the more delicate colours can fade if exposed to lots of chlorine and sun (please remember that chlorine is bleach and the sun will intensify the bleaching action) rinse and thoroughly dry your hands after coming out of the pool before tanning, to help minimise colour fading.



Whilst it is important to keep our skin supple and protected some lotions, hand creams, fake tans, hair removal creams can cause damage to your Shellac. Please look out for solvent oils or lanolin. It is advisable to thoroughly wash and dry your hands and nails after using skin care products that contain these ingredients. 



Solar oil was developed to be used with Shellac. It contains the three most important oils for nails. Jojoba, avocado and almond. These natural oils are fine enough to penetrate the Shellac (which is porous) and keep your nails flexible, as I would’ve explained during your appointment. Flexible things bend, dry things snap. Think of it like biscuits v’s cookies. Biscuits are dry and hard so they snap. Solar oil will keep your nails as flexible as a moist cookie. It will also keep your Shellac shiny and flexible too. Solar oil is available to buy from the salon. Pick some up on your next visit and use it every day.



Incorrect removal at home may cause damage to the surface of your nails, which defeats the whole point of the Shellac system. This is why I only charge £5 for correct removal. Please, please do come in for professional removal. Professional acetone has oils in it to help with faster removal and to keep away dryness and I will follow up with a file and oil so your nails look tidy after removal.